Sixers arrests

"If the guys are innocent, they’re innocent, but if they’re not, I think he should suspend them."

George Favuzzi,
30th and Mifflin streets

"[Brown] should be involved, but he should investigate the problems before doing anything."

James Myers,
3200 block Vare Avenue

"I don’t think he should get involved. I think Iverson is innocent. I think they’re just making a big deal over nothing. Everybody has domestic problems."

Jackie Brinson,
1200 block Bucknell Street

"I don’t think he should get involved in that because it’s not during the season. I like A.I., so he’s too good for them to do anything to him."

Talitha Smith,
2200 blockS. Beechwood Street

"He should do something about Derrick Coleman because it just happened, but not about Allen Iverson because there’s no evidence. Coleman could have killed somebody [by driving under the influence]."

Nita Downing,
23rd and Jackson streets

"I think he should suspend them for a few games. They’re supposed to be role models for kids, and you should set the example somewhere."

Debbie Boyle,
2300 block S. Woodstock Street