Malpractice conference

"My gynecologist was actually affected, so if it will help keep them here, especially at Methodist [Hospital], I’m happy. They should cap the amount that a patient can get."

Karen Lomaistro,
2500 block S. 19th Street

"I don’t appreciate [the doctors closing their offices]. It’s hard to get an appointment anyway. I think [the malpractice issue] is something that the President has to do something about."

Joanne Haynes,
1800 block Taylor Street

"I’ve got a stitch left in my mouth, and I can’t get it out. I think it’s not right to shut [offices] down for a week. It hinders a lot of people who need checkups. [To lower insurance], you can allow people to get more second opinions."

Paula Burnett,
24th Street and Oregon Ave.

"My doctor’s moving to Virginia in September, I think because of malpractice insurance. The government and the doctors need to put a ceiling on it. I don’t know why it’s so high."

Patricia Faulcon,
30th and Morris streets

"I don’t blame the doctors. Stop taking those frivolous lawsuits that have no substance, no merit, no nothing. Pennsylvania’s a greedy state."

Bernard Wade,
24th Street and Passyunk Ave.

"I don’t think they should shut down. They should have someone there and not just leave everyone hanging. [The malpractice rates are] like a scam, it’s unbelievable. Somebody’s just got to come along — a governor or a politician, and try to straighten it all out."

Jerry Bellissima,
2100 block Ritner Street