Eagles’ chances

"I think they’re going all the way. Why not?"

William Coleman,
1800 block Patton Drive

"Their defense, their offense, they obtained more weapons … they’re ready [to go all the way]."

William Henry,
2200 block Bonsall Street

"I went to the preseason games myself. With Antonio Freeman here, I think we’ll have a better offense this year."

Paulette Goodwin,
2100 block S. Garnet Street

"They’re going to go 12-4, and they’re going to the Super Bowl."

Dawn Raia,
2400 block S. Woodstock Street

"Eleven-5, and in the playoffs, they’re going to go two or three rounds."

Louis Franchetti,
3100 block Uber Street

"Once the offense kicks in, they have a good chance to go 12-4, and all the way to the Super Bowl."

Steve Ward,
1700 block S. 21st Street

Photos by Jules Vuotto