Govenor’s race

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" Of course [I’m voting for] all Republicans because they’re more conservative and they’ll get the job done."

Janice Scipione,
Eighth and Dickinson streets

"" "Probably Rendell, because he did a lot for Philly."

Tony Nettles,
24th Street and Oregon Avenue

"" "Rendell, and that’s because I’m a public-school teacher in Philadelphia, and I feel as though he will do good for the Philadelphia public schools."

Lydia Johnson,
1800 block of Reed Street

"" "I’m voting for Rendell because he’s the lesser of two evils. I’m really not that thrilled about either candidate."

Fran Gallo,
1900 block of Forrestal Street

"" "The reason why I’m not voting is because I don’t know who’s running. I would vote if it would affect me financially, though."

Gregory Cooper Jr.,
30th and Tasker streets

"" "I am voting for Rendell. I was very happy when he was the mayor, and I think he’ll do a good job for the city."

Felicia Borghi,
Broad and Porter streets