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Holiday rush

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"I think they force Christmas on us too early."

Evelyn McCrae,
1700 block S. 25th Street

"I think it’s too early. They should start around the middle of November."

Jose Santiago,
Broad Street and Oregon Avenue

"Well, I think it’s probably a good idea since the economy seems to be so bad this year."

John Holman,
Second and Porter streets

"I think it’s a good thing. I start [buying gifts] in the summertime."

Veronica Moore,
6700 block Paschall Avenue

"I think it’s better. You get your Christmas shopping done early, and then you just have to worry about cooking."

Rose Vetri,
1200 block Wolf Street

"Well, it’s cheaper now, but by Christmastime, [the prices are] going to be higher. It’s good for people who have kids."

Deborah Kellam,
Swanson Street and Oregon Avenue

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