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U.N. weapons inspections

"I think it’s pretty much settled that we’re going to war no matter what."

James Bond,
Front Street and Oregon Avenue

"I don’t think it’ll have much impact. I don’t even think they have nuclear warheads. We’re just wasting our time. The person we should be looking for [Osama bin Laden], we’re not."

Frank Flowers,
15th Street and Moyamensing Avenue

"I think it will, if we find some big weapon and it’s a threat and we can’t take it away."

Victoria Gonzalez,
Broad Street and Oregon Avenue

"I really don’t think it will [make an impact]. I think it’s just a whole ploy, and they actually want to go to war."

Deidre Williams,
Third Street and Oregon Avenue

"If they don’t find weapons, I don’t think we should go to war. I think they should try every resort not to go to war."

Vanessa Vernon,
Fourth and Porter streets

"Not really. It’s such an iffy situation. Seems like [President Bush] has revenge on his mind."

Cheryl Lewis,
1800 block S. Ringgold Street

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