Key for Eagles

"I think McNabb has to be red-hot for them to win."

Jimmy Whalin,
800 block S. Sydenham Street

"To me, the key is the defense. I think the defense is great."

Mike Fuscellaro,
2600 block S. Bancroft Street

"They have to stop the quarterback for Atlanta [Michael Vick]."

Clarence Woodlock,
24th Street and Oregon Avenue

"The blitz [is the key]. If they get to Vick, they’ll win."

Mike Carey,
Philadelphia Naval Business Center

"The defense. They’ve got to stick together … they’ve got to play 60 minutes of non-stop football."

Al Caruso,
10th Street and Moyamensing Avenue

"They have to stick with A.J. Feeley, play hard defense and just go for the Super Bowl."

Mark Realdine,
2300 block S. Chadwick Street