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Sixers’ coach stay or go

"He’ll probably stay … you can’t have two players scoring and the rest of the team just standing around."

Bruce Geiger,
1800 block S. 20th Street

"They’re a bunch of stiffs, that’s why he should go. It’s time for a change."

John Gillies,
2800 block S. Warnock Street

"Allen Iverson isn’t having the [kind of] year he’s had in the past. I think [Brown]’s good, he should stay."

Christine Johnson,
24th Street and Oregon Avenue

"Maybe they lost team chemistry. I think he’ll leave, definitely, by the end of the year. I think he shouldn’t have traded guys like Theo Ratliff and George Lynch."

Tony "Speedy" Johnston,
2700 block Pierce Street

"It could be the coach, it could be the players. They’re not hungry enough. I think they were better than when [Pat] Croce was there. If [Brown] feels that he can’t push this team any further, he should leave."

Susan Osborne,
1500 block Myrtlewood Street

"[It’s] injuries. He says that [he’s leaving] every year. I think he’ll end up staying."

Mark Schweighofer,
24th Street and Oregon Avenue

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