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Most romantic thing

"I was married on Valentine’s Day, 61 years ago."

Josephine Solgina,
10th and Mifflin streets

"I went out with my wife."

Philip Harrison,
2700 block S. Mole Street

"My husband gave me a surprise 50th birthday party at a Thai restaurant. This was right after my mother passed away."

Florence Dixon,
2200 block Fernon Street

"My husband is a good cook. He used to cook and bring me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed for my birthday or special occasions."

Barbara Geter,
1700 block S. 23rd Street

"My fiancé gave me an engagement ring inside a little snowman."

Jacqueline Ellis,
1700 block S. 23rd Street

"Sailing under a full moon in Maine."

Rob Wilson,
2400 block S. Chadwick Street

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