Snowstorm experience

"I got to spend three days at home with my wife and kids. I work five days a week and I am always getting home late, so it’s tough to spend time with them. Besides digging the snow, the worst part is watching the foul moods of everyone else."

Mark Endres,
12th and Porter streets

"The best is not having to go to work. The worst is living on a small street that never sees a plow."

Rosemary Viggiano,
2400 block S. Camac Street

"The worst is I had to shovel a block to get out. The best is I didn’t have to go to work."

Mike Johnson,
2400 block S. Iseminger Street

"The best is I got the day off from work. The worst is I feel bad for the people who couldn’t get out of their houses."

Donna DeMeo,
13th and Porter streets

"The best is playing in the snow and having no school. The worst is that it’s cold."

Nicholas Giangiulio,
13th and Porter streets

"I guess it was fun being trapped inside with the videos. The street we live on, I can’t get my car out."

Joyce Fousek,
2400 block S. Warnock Street