Suspected 9-11 mastermind

"It doesn’t affect anything. They should find out what he knows and do whatever the law calls for."

Frank Tripovi,
Front and Porter streets

"It might make it worse or it could make things better. He should be punished for what he did, but if he is willing to help capture the rest of the terrorists, maybe we can cut him a break."

Eileen Cohen,
Second and Porter streets

"I think it makes it worse because [al-Qaeda] will want revenge. They should execute him."

Jason Cohen,
Second and Porter streets

"Basically, there will be terrorists no matter what we do. The president should take more action. [Mohammed] should be tortured on national television because he is a threat to the U.S.A."

Melissa Stolz,
11th Street and Snyder Avenue

"Hopefully, they will stop playing because [the terrorists] killed so many people. [The U.S.] should make an example out of him."

Jose Rivera,
11th Street and Snyder Avenue

"I think it’ll definitely put a lot of people’s minds at ease. We are a step closer to catching all the terrorists. He should be executed."

Jinelle Benckert,
18th Street and Packer Avenue