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War against Iraq

"Yes. We gave them too many chances. [Saddam Hussein] had time to reveal the weapons he had. We need to get him before he does something to us."

Kim Iannacone,
2700 block Cleveland Street

"I’m really praying that we don’t. I really think the U.N. should decide. Yet I do respect President Bush’s decision because I like him."

Sarah Berns,
2200 block Chadwick Street

"No. It’s going to do more harm than good."

Rita Jackson,
1800 block Taylor Street

"I don’t think so. I’m not for war. I believe both sides are ready to talk. Why should we kill people from this side and the other side?"

Mohamed Tlili,
21st and Lambert streets

"I don’t think there’s enough evidence right now to support a war."

Joe Giangiulio,
1200 block Daly Street

"No. I’m anti-war. I don’t believe in war because there’s going to be innocent people dying."

John DiSanto,
11th and Porter streets

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