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"Supporting my country, but not [in this war]. It’s a waste of lives and puts people in danger."

Benjamin Smith,
20th Street and Passyunk Avenue

"Supporting my country. I am for [the country] and this war."

Edith Fortuna,
20th and Moore streets

"I would define it as keeping in mind what America stands for. We are fighting for freedom of speech and the American way. It’s supporting the troops because I believe it’ll bring them home and not put them in harm’s way."

Victoria Raucci,
2500 block S. Lambert Street

"I think we need to back the president, troops and local officials no matter what the outcome is."

Mark Crockett,
23rd and Mifflin streets

"I think it’s loyalty to your country and God."

Louis Carbo,
16th and Ritner streets

"I would define patriotism as supporting the military."

Anthony St. Marie,
3000 block S. 17th Street

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