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Youth Appreciation Award: Tony Van

Showing good judgment

Tony Van was new to Sharswood Elementary at Second and Wolf streets this school year, but he’s a veteran at academic excellence.

The 14-year-old has been on a roll — the honor roll — since fifth grade at his old school, Thomas Middle. Now a eighth-grader, Tony is still acing his school subjects, particularly reading, says his teacher, Lisa Cicini.

The youth has an outstanding average in the class and excellent comprehension skills, Cicini says.

At home, the student’s family can always find him working on the computer, which he uses not just for fun, but as a learning tool.

Tony, of Fourth and McKean streets, also shows a keen interest in the law, and plans to attend law school and eventually become a judge.

Though he faces many more years of education and hard work, the student is confident. That has a lot to do with the input of his mother and role model, Vanry Youen.

"The advice she gives me helps me tremendously," Tony says. "I value everything she says."

Cicini says it’s obvious that the student has good influences in his life.

"He is very respectful, friendly and bright," she says. "He always has his homework complete and strives to do well. He sets high standards for himself and tries hard to meet them."

Tony Van will receive a $150 savings bond. The Review has a sufficient amount of nominations for the remainder of the school year, so subsequent nominees will be featured next fall. If you would like to nominate a student (first through 12th grades), call 215-336-2500 ext. 120 or e-mail editor@southphillyreview.com for a nomination form.

Letting message flow

A Clean Water Theater performance of All Washed Up! will take to the stage tomorrow at F.A. Bregy Elementary School at 17th and Bigler.

All Washed Up! is a 20-minute educational and interactive musical about how the state’s land and waterways are connected. Performers include Brooke Bonder (from left), Glenn Townsend and Jerald Bennett.

The educational focus of the musical is on stormwater runoff pollution from urban and suburban areas that washes off the land or is dumped directly into sewer inlets. The actions of individuals in urban and suburban watersheds contribute to the stormwater runoff pollution problem.

The first season of Clean Water Theater is sponsored by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, the Philadelphia Water Department, Delaware Valley Earth Force, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania Coastal Zone Management Program.

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