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Iraq War legacy

"I think people will start praying more. If there’s a man of God over there [who is put into power], everything will turn out all right."

Rosena Foster,
20th and Opal streets

"If the United States can help in the rebuilding process, it will be an excellent legacy. And hopefully, it will change the Iraqis’ opinion of us."

Lawrence Scott Jr.,
1700 block McKean Street

"That America will have lots of interests in Iraq. It will become Americanized."

Brian Kownacky,
1500 block Shunk Street

"It will be great for the Iraqis. And maybe now they will understand what the United States is all about."

Bill Ambrosa,
20th Street and Oregon Avenue

"Middle East peace, hopefully."

Vince Martone,
15th and Ritner streets

"Don’t mess with us! Also, I’m glad that not too many American soldiers were killed and that the POWs made it home."

Elizabeth Sol,
1600 block Tasker Street

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