Youth Appreciation Award: Tim McGinn

Playing the supporting role

Tim McGinn has spent much of his high-school career as a vice president, but he’s no second fiddle.

The senior at St. John Neumann has been vice president of his class since his sophomore year. He is also second-in-command of the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society and a member of the Ambassadors Club and the Usher Corps.

Tim, of Front and Hoffman streets, leads the way in helping other kids. He’s a counselor and tutor at the P.H.Y.S.E.D. afterschool program at EOM. The youth also was a member of the football and hockey teams at Neumann.

The 17-year-old’s future looks just as busy. He wants to major in criminal justice at Neumann. Tim eventually would like to work in law enforcement, just like his father, Timothy.

That’s not the only way Tim strives to be like his pop. He says both his father and mother, Frances, are his role models because they "taught me that respect, loyalty, hard work and dedication are the keys to life’s success."

And those keys will open lots of doors for him, predicts Luis DeVelasco, Neumann’s vice president of student affairs.

"Tim is a very kind and personable young man," DeVelasco says. "He is very well liked by his teachers and peers. Because of his personality, he has gotten many students involved in activities at Neumann and he has made our school a better place. His wonderful personality and strong moral values are among his most outstanding characteristics and his warmth, generosity and kindness set an example for our students."

Tim McGinn will receive a $150 savings bond. The Review has a sufficient amount of nominations for the remainder of the school year, so subsequent nominees will be featured next fall. If you would like to nominate a student (first through 12th grades), call 215-336-2500 ext. 120 or e-mail for a nomination form.

Caring pays off

Thomas Middle School, Ninth and Johnston, joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in its fight against blood-related cancers in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. >From Feb. 18 to March 14, students, staff and parents made contributions that totaled $1,000 — showed off in money orders held by principal Melodie Hayes Gardner (left) and teacher Renee Justis.

Planting seeds of service

The National School and Community Corps and students from Sharswood Elementary, Barratt Middle School and Bok Technical High School celebrated National Youth Service Day on Friday with a kick-off rally and extensive beautification project in Mifflin Square Park at Fifth and Ritner.

It was one of 40 projects planned throughout Philadelphia for National Youth Service Day. Friday’s park cleanup involved 175 volunteers removing litter and debris, and planting six magnolia trees and grass seed in the park.

The NSCC worked closely with a number of partners on the project including Philadelphia Green, the Department of Recreation, Whitman Council, the School District of Philadelphia and the American Red Cross.