Santorum’s comments on homosexuality

"I think he should be allowed to say what he wants to say. It’s freedom of speech. I think he didn’t think before he spoke. I am sure he regrets it now."

Laurel Scafidi,
28th and McKean streets

"He should be allowed to say whatever he feels. He has to be careful how he words things."

Jennifer Kane,
23rd and Shunk streets

"It was freedom of speech. They should leave him alone."

Kimberly Di Tizio,
18th and Wolf streets

"As an individual, you can say what you want. As a senator, sometimes you have to think about what you say."

Lisa McDowell,
19th and Moore streets

"You have the right to say whatever you want, but when it comes from a public officer, you have to watch what you say."

Patricia Burton,
1100 block S. Cleveland Street

"It’s freedom of speech. We are in America. He was just trying to make a point."

Perry Delorme,
2900 block S. Carlisle Street