Primary vote

"We usually do, to get a better city."

Gloria Lavini,
2400 block S. 20th Street

"I’m not voting. I just moved [within South Philly], and haven’t registered."

Joe Riso,
20th and Jackson streets

"I haven’t missed in the last 50 years. I’m 75, and I’m going to keep voting for the next 50 years."

Irving Seals,
Broad and Bainbridge streets

"Yes, I usually vote for whoever’s going to benefit my causes."

Amin Ali,
21st and Tasker streets

"Yes, because it’s my duty as a citizen to vote."

Tom Lagrossa,
1300 block Moore Street

"Probably, as long as I remember to, but I really like to vote in the major elections more than the primaries."

Daniel Bey,
2000 block S. 23rd Street