Mayoral vote

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "I’m not going to vote for the same person — we need a change. I’ll vote for Katz. Life’s about change and it’s not about [taking cars off] the streets and doing everything for the rich. Street plays favors for doing favors. We need to get the city back."

Mark Costiello,
18th and Tasker streets

"" "I think it’s a toss-up between the candidates. The campaign is crazy — there’s too much negativity on both sides."

Earl Jones,
2300 block Mountain Street

"" "I’m going to vote for Katz, but I think there’s too much mudslinging. It needs to be more about what each candidate will do for the city and not what each other is doing."

Barbara Michetti,
2900 block S. Juniper Street

"" "I’ll vote for Street because of his Safe Streets program, projects and the jobs he provided to the city. I think the campaign so far is going good."

Darrell Hutchinson,
2200 block S. Bonsall Street

"" "I’m going to vote for Katz because I think Street had his chance."

Rich Greco,
3100 block Hubert Street

"" "Right now, Street, because he’s done a good job getting cars off the street and putting cops in the neighborhoods. The campaign is slipshod, it lacks organization. I think the people running Street’s campaign are suspect."

Ron Bryant,
1500 block S. 24th Street