State legal blood-alcohol limit

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "It is a good idea. A high blood-alcohol level endangers everyone, but it is still a little too high."

Bess Zirilli,
2500 block S. 20th Street

"" "It is a good idea because it will prevent more drunk-driving accidents on the road."

Robert Montgomery,
2300 block S. Croskey Street

"" "I agree with the lowering of the blood-alcohol rate. People should not drive after having one beer, let alone 10."

Vince Cirello,
15th and Ritner streets

"" "It will keep some of the drunk drivers off of the road. It is a good thing."

Larry Ashe,
1300 block S. 15th Street

"" "It is a good idea, but people can be impaired anyway."

Rose Ann Concilio,
1800 block Hartranft Street

"" "I am all for it. I am not a drinker myself, but the lowering of the alcohol rate will keep some of the drunks off the road."

Bill Tirri,
24th and Shunk streets