FBI bug in Mayor Street’s office

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "I was not going to vote for Street anyway … after hearing about the bugging, he is still bad news. I will vote for Katz."

Justin Cordero,
1900 block S. Opal Street

"" "I am still going to vote for Street because he is doing a lot of good things for the city. The Republicans, I think, had something to do with the bugging of Street’s office."

Tanisha Dacosta,
1600 block S. Ringgold Street

"" "I will still vote for Katz after learning of the bugging because Street has to be doing something wrong, in my opinion, for the FBI to do what they did."

Michael Fuscellaro,
2600 block S. Bancroft Street

"" "The bugging incident will not change my opinion of Street. I will still vote for him."

Michael Jacobs,
2100 block Morris Street

"" "I would not vote for Street anyway. The FBI has a good case. I will still vote for Katz."

Eric Ferrandino,
1500 block S. Camac Street

"" "The bugging of Street’s office made me wonder about Katz."

Harold Bennett,
1200 block S. 21st Street