Street administration federal investigation

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "It is obviously quite important. The plan backfired and people are going to vote for the one they should instead of the other one."

Alice Shockley,
1600 block Wharton Street

"" "I don’t think it’s important as far as the FBI is concerned. I do think it’s part of the election, though."

Dr. Larry Kassan,
21st Street and Snyder Avenue

"" "I don’t think it’s an issue at all with the federal investigation and overall. I just think they are hyping it up a little bit."

Merna Vivarina,
2500 block S. Garnet Street

"" "I don’t think it has anything to do with race. Mayor Street is a criminal and should not be in office anyway."

Ruthann Smith,
1700 block W. Passyunk Avenue

"" "They seem to be making an issue out of it, but I don’t think it’s important. People will vote for who they want to vote for, and they’ve been working on the federal investigation for two years, so it’s nothing new."

Charles Kerrigan,
20th and Porter streets

"" "I don’t think race has anything to do with it. It’s just really bitter between the two candidates and in the race."

Linda Shattuck,
2500 block S. 11th Street