Eagles’ keys to victory

Photos by Jules Vuotto

"" "McNabb’s back to form, so it’s possible for them to go to the Super Bowl, but we can only hope."

Armand Inzillo,
13th Street and Packer Avenue


"I’m hoping they go to the Super Bowl, but they should let everybody play, the whole team."

Leonard Lambert,
1800 block Titan Street

"" "I think they’ll make it to the Super Bowl, but it’s according to McNabb if they win it."

Frank Monterosso,
2700 block McKean Street


I never thought they would win seven games in a row. The last time they did was in 1980 when they won the Super Bowl, so if history repeats itself, then it’s good."

Jeff Minio,
24th Street and Passyunk Avenue

"" "They will probably make it to the second round of the playoffs, but they need a team effort."

Martizes Clark,
2400 block Gould Street