25 reasons to get over it

There are many reasons you should get over the Eagles not going to the Super Bowl for another year. Here are some of them:

1. The sun will come up tomorrow. But then again, not enough to melt the snow.

2. Ever hear of the Cubs and Red Sox?

3. You were tired of seeing Howard Eskin prance around in a full-length fur anyway.

4. Now you won’t have to watch the Super Bowl and you can enjoy the party.

5. Maybe we’ll stop hearing people say that "good things come in threes" and that "the third time’s the charm."

6. Did you really want to spend a couple thousand dollars and a week in Houston?

7. If we lose again next year, I hear HBO is ready to do a special on us.

8. It could be worse — your kid could have had a sleepover at Neverland.

9. Maybe now the Daily News will figure out there’s a war on and it’s a presidential election year.

10. Maybe our local TV news media will find out the same thing.

11. You won’t have to hear Channel 3’s Alycia Lane do post-game commentary on why the Eagles lost the big game. Scratch that. Turn down the sound and watch anyway.

12. Remind yourself how much you dislike Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner. Then smile.

13. Now you can go back to talking about sex at the office water cooler.

14. George W. Bush is still in the White House. That’s what ought to depress you.

15. For the next seven months, no hangovers on Monday morning.

16. Now we can concentrate on fooling ourselves that the Phillies will be in the World Series.

17. No more Andy Reid Show.

18. James Thrash may now give up pointing at the sky. James, God obviously doesn’t care.

19. John Street has a full term ahead of him. And you’re worried about the Eagles losing?

20. You can catch up on the reruns of The Osbournes.

21. You think Pete Rose had the overs on the game?

22. You’re not Kobe Bryant and you don’t ever have to play in Denver.

23. You weren’t married to Robert Blake or O.J. Simpson.

24. It will be at least seven months before some drunk sings the Eagles fight song.

25. You can pick yourself up, brush yourself off and — well, you get it.