Presidential candidate preference

"" "I would vote for Bush. Being a Republican all these years, I think he is doing a tremendous job."

Ron Kondred,
2600 block S. 12th Street

"" "Kerry, because I like him the best."

William Sydnor,
2100 block Fernon Street

"" "I would vote for Bush because he is doing good for the country, the economy and the war in Iraq."

Keith Spepherd,
1600 block Ringgold Street

"" "Lieberman, because I have heard of him before and he is the only one that looks presidential."

Andrew Howard,
2000 block Sigel Street

"" "I’d probably vote for Kerry based on the fact that he has the most experience to get involved with the country and the economy. He has also been around for a while."

Charlie Sprang,
Broad Street and Oregon Avenue

Photos by Jules Vuotto