Child safety

"" "Parents should supervise their kids no matter what their age."

Dan McGowan,
15th and Wolf streets

"" "Under a certain age, children should be with their parents when going somewhere. Child molesters with a record should not be allowed back on the street."

Trish Renzi,
2500 block S. 22nd Street

"" "Children need to be taught by their parents to stay away from strangers and keep safe."

Mark Campbell,
2100 block S. 17th Street

"" "Parents need to be more vigilant of their children’s actions."

Peggy Rullo,
2600 block S. Mole Street

"" "Parents should educate their children to stay away from bad people. Schools should also have some responsibility in teaching kids safety."

Barbara Merlo,
2500 block S. Fairhill Street

Photos by Jules Vuotto