Same-sex marriage licenses

"" "I think it’s against nature. I don’t believe in [gay marriage]."

John Siaranca,
Woodstock Street and Passyunk Avenue

"" "By my religious beliefs, because I’m Muslim, we don’t believe in gay marriages. Catholics don’t believe in it either. It’s not in the Bible or the Koran."

James Sampson,
1800 block Morris Street

"" "I think it will change the law — there are a lot of gay people. But I am religious and go by the Scripture — God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

Elma Dickson,
16th and Federal streets

"" "To me, to each his own. I doubt the law will change very much."

Marie Gilligan,
2900 block S. Smedley Street

"" "I think love between two people is a strong emotion. If they want to get married, let them."

Bob Grant,
2400 block S. Sartain Street

Photos by Jules Vuotto