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Martha Stewart conviction

"" "Stewart should not go to jail because I think she was unfairly judged."

Laverne Brown,
2300 block Bailey Terrace

"She was made into a scapegoat and should not go to jail."

Mary Lawton,
2200 block Bailey Terrace

"Martha is getting what she deserves. I don’t think she will go to jail because she has money."

Dan Lombardi,
11th and Bigler streets

"Stewart should pay the money she took from her workers back. She got what she deserves. Give her probation."

Pastor Clemons,
1400 block South Bouvier Street

"As much as I know about her, if she got convicted of a crime, she should pay the consequences, celebrity or not a celebrity."

Keith Henderson,
24th Street and Oregon Avenue

Photos by Jules Vuotto

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