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Meaning of Easter and Passover

"" "To me, it means Christ died for the things we go through now and for the advantages we have. I think people need to take a serious look at themselves and how they treat others."

Hank Coleman,
Sixth and Mountain streets

"It means Jesus got crucified and he rose, dying for our sins."

Joseph Duplaga,
Seventh Street
and Oregon Avenue

"It is a time for the passion of life, death and rising."

Beatrice Dintino,
Halsey Place

"It’s a time to reflect and think about the roots we forget about."

Jen Schonauer,
2400 block
Penrose Avenue

"Hopefully it will bring a peaceful ending in Iraq and Israel. I hope this holiday will bring some assurance to stop the fighting."

Rick Armstrong,
Morris and
Etting streets

— Photos by Jules Vuotto

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