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Phillies’ new ballpark

"" "The ballpark will help the team win. The fans are a vital part of the Phillies. If they are excited, the Phillies will win."

Denise Day,

"The last four games [as of Monday] have been good for the Phillies. I think the ballpark will help them play better."

Gene Carfagno,
1900 block Durfor Street

"I have not been to the park yet, but I think they will do better than last year because of the new field."

Frank Donovan,
1800 block Johnston Street

"The Phillies will go all the way this year because of the new playing field and their better players. Go, Phillies!"

Cynthia Johnson,
2200 block Cross Street

"It makes no difference if the Phillies played on the roof of the new field. If they stick together as a team, they will win."

Tee Taylor,
2200 block Cross Street

Photos by Jules Vuotto

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