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Local political races

"State representative. Babette Josephs was in power for over 20 years and it’s time for a change. I like both of the other two candidates, but I’m leaning toward Terry Gillen."

Anthony Giunta,
1000 block Christian Street

"Tayoun and Fumo. We need someone who thinks about the community. I’m voting for Tayoun because it’s all about who is going to help."

Felicia Cooper,
12th and Fitzwater streets

"Senator Specter. I’m very disappointed in the ads and the negativity of the campaign. I would like to see more action in office rather than during the election year."

Skip Pennerberg,
700 block S. Warnock Street

"The most highly contested race is state representative because there are three really good candidates."

Mary Catherine Alveario,
10th and Fitzwater streets

"I would like to see Specter get in again because that’s the most important position."

Marie Divito,
Ninth and Fitzwater streets

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