Labor Day plans


"I can say that my summer was OK. Maybe I’ll do something with my boyfriend [for Labor Day]. Hope in the near future for good things and good health."

Joanne Zappardno,
12th and McKean streets


"I have friends coming in town from D.C. and Boston. My summer went well. I just moved here from NYC."

Kirsten Hungate,
Eighth and South streets


"My summer was really good. My band wrote a lot of music and it’s going to be released on vinyl. My plans? Go to work at Whole Foods and get time-and-a-half."

Joe Vigil,
Bancroft and Moore streets


"Plans for the weekend are to stay home, see friends and clean out some stuff. Think about renewal for the Jewish holiday."

Iris Eintracht,
Front andFitzwater streets

"" "My summer went excellent. I might go outside town here and visit friends and family."

Nick Schurr,
Second and Wharton streets