Cleaning and Greening South Philly

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to leave these confines to find lush greenery or kempt streets. These areas are not reserved for those residing in the countryside. In fact, local city folk are obtaining a slice of outdoor decadence through their involvement with unique organizations and city-initiated endeavors.

The 2007 edition of Review Newspapers Community Guide takes a closer look at South Philly’s green getaways and the people trying to beautify the area–one block at a time. They spend their free hours performing such activities as ridding trash from neighborhoods or tending to a locally grown harvest.

The area’s new development may bring about its challenges–a lack of open space and an increase in refuse, for example–but initiatives are in place to keep specific locations in their awe-inspiring form.

Almost as exhilarating as a breath of fresh air are the refreshing organizations highlighted in this guide: The Neighborhood Gardens Association has a knack for turning a plot of land into an oasis for residents with green thumbs; The Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee has helped neighborhoods tidy up streets for over a half century; and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is revamping a slew of local parks already praised for their beauty.

After you’ve gotten a taste of the outdoors, refer to this guide for additional ideas on how to enjoy all Philadelphia has to offer. There are listings for theaters and restaurants sure to cap off any evening. Contact information for government and city offices offering assistance for almost any problem also is included. Since the Review Newspapers 2007 Community Guide has many important phone numbers right at your fingertips, say goodbye to your phone book. Keep it handy throughout the year, and please take note of our advertisers who made this publication possible.

And when the weather turns nice, don’t forget to visit some of the area’s green spaces right in your backyard. Or maybe a clean block is what you’re hankering for. In that case, pick up a broom and help your fellow neighbor. South Philly never looked so beautiful.