What is your reaction to former Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay’s retirement announcement?


""“He’d been hurt, so I think he went out with class and showed a lot of dignity. Best wishes.”

Joe Vicianno,
1100 block of Tree Street


“It’s sad and it’s a shame to see him go, but he’s been injured, so I guess he saw the light and decided it was time to go.”

Al Poppa,
800 block of South 11th Street

""“I wanted to see him win a World Series, and I felt we put a team around him to do so, so it’s frustrating it didn’t happen. I coach baseball and he’s the pitcher I use to show my kids what a great work ethic can do.”

Doug Herman,
1500 block of South 15th Street

""“It’s a good move for him, but I’ll miss him because he was a warrior and a fan favorite who gave his heart and soul.”

Joe O’Neill,
1300 block of Shunk Street

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