P&S Ravioli Co.’s Italian Hoagie

Owner Franco DiGiacomo

Photos by Tina Garceau

Franco DiGiacomo used to earn his living as a computer programmer, but, much like the keys that he would manipulate to write software programs, he knew he could never enjoy total autonomy in that role. Seeking to control his destiny, he decided in 1994 to become a full-time employee of the P&S Ravioli Co. entity that his uncle, Primo, and father, Secondo, established in 1966. Twenty-two years into his culinary odyssey, the resident of the 3200 block of South Broad Street is helping the family business to oversee five locations, including 1722 Oregon Ave. and 1640 S. 10th St.

“I’m Italian, so I grew up with food as a big component of understanding how to make people happy,” the 47-year-old said from the Oregon Avenue space. “It’s great to share that with the people around here because we really respect how much quality they want in whatever they buy.”

Raised in the industry, DiGiacomo stated that helming operations has come as second nature to him, and he has enjoyed ample success through his clan’s brainchild, with numerous plaudits, including South Philly Review Readers’ Choice Awards, to the franchise’s name. Having added hoagies and sandwiches to their offerings in 2002, he and his hires revel in perennial status as a busy tender of appetites, with those additions having overtaken the pasta provisions as their chief seller.

“We feel fortunate to have such a presence around here,” DiGiacomo said, with manager Craig Harris pointing out their popularity in area markets and stores. “We’re celebrating 50 years, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to mark that longevity with our customers.”

He can credit many delights for their prosperity, with the Italian hoagie, whose 50 daily requests make it the Marconi-situated venue’s top item, a praiseworthy provision. The P&S website tabs freshness as the key word in all that they do, and the hoagie helps to solidify that stance.

“It’s a staple but that doesn’t mean that no thought goes into it,” DiGiacomo said of the protein powerhouse. “We care so much about everything that happens here, and this hoagie is a big part of who we are.”


3 slices of provolone cheese

4 thin slices of prosciutto

5 slices of Genoa salami

Quarter pound of thinly sliced, hot capicola

Light amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions

Spice assortment and oil


Add the ingredients to an Italian roll in the order of their appearance on this page. ■

P&S Ravioli Co.

Owner: Franco DiGiacomo

Opened: 1966 (initial store at 22nd and Moore streets)

1722 Oregon Ave. | 215-339-9929