Allie Scicchitano – A spirited spirit

Diane M. Fiorentino, an eighth grade teacher at Christopher Columbus Charter School, 916 Christian St. and 1242 S. 13th St., sees Allie Scicchitano as “a well-rounded girl who celebrates life. She is an old soul and has a beautiful, gentle spirit.” Her fondness for the rising star could also come as a result of the 10-year-old’s inspiring resilience – at seven, she lost her father after a sudden death. It didn’t stop her from collecting As and awards: four times now, she’s received the Presidential Excellence Award; and twice an Effort Award. The fourth grader, says Fiorentino, is an “accomplished student and a well-rounded young girl.”

Scicchitano, a resident of the 700 block of Ellsworth Street, attends Philadelphia Dance Academy and has appeared in some great productions. She’s been in “The Nutcracker,” and several school plays including “At The Bandstand,” “Flakes,” and “The Big Chill.” She dances and she sings in the St. Paul’s Catholic Church choir, perhaps with her father’s spirit in her heart. A giving spirit seems innate, too, as she helps her teachers at Christopher Columbus whenever possible and has expressed interest in teaching dance as an adult. The surprising and tragic passing of a parent, as a youth, could be debilitating, but Allie’s determination and resilience are inspirations to many. – Bill Chenevert