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To the Editor:

Growing up as a self-professed history nerd, I became obsessed with the U.S. Presidency, memorizing the names of our leaders and their terms and accomplishments with ease. As I added a few years to my comprehension of the role of our president and came to understand certain issues a tad better, I began to realize just how polarizing the officeholder can be and started to develop sympathy for the winners of general elections, believing they had monumental, perhaps impossible, tasks ahead of them.

I must say that this election cycle has me perplexed. The presumptive nominees, with all due respect to them and their supporters, irk the life out of me. That is not to say that I side with the disgruntled Bernie Sanders backers (he irked even the afterlife out of me) or the other failed candidates’ advocates, as their folks did not seem dynamic either. I find myself at a weird point where though I certainly care who wins, I often utter of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “Is this the best that we could do?” Quite frankly, I wonder where we are headed as a country comprised of individuals who deserve a dynamic head of state and not “the lesser of two evils,” as many have already dubbed the to-be-determined victor. Has anyone else ever felt so politically petrified?

Joseph Myers

South Philly Review editor