The challenges of change


To our Readers:

Though I cannot say that I have engaged thousands or even hundreds of people for their opinions, I believe I have had a fair amount of conversations and have read a wide range of reports to suggest that this country’s citizens eagerly want for this election cycle to be done. I have heard supporters of the major parties express incredible discontent, finding hard to fathom that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the names they see before them when they enter voting booths. I have also interacted with people who are thrilled to be able to have an opportunity to give the Democrats a third-straight presidential victory and individuals who trumpet Trump as an agent of renewed vigor. No matter where you stand, especially if your vote will go to neither candidate 110 days from now, may the nominating conventions serve as more than a chance for you to reject the office seekers’ principles and their adherents’ allegiance. Here’s hoping you also find the strength to tolerate, even welcome, the changes that a new administration will bring.

Joseph Myers

South Philly Review editor