Thankful for his example


To our Readers:

In September 1994, I started my sophomore year at St. John Neumann High School and looked forward to many aspects of it, including having Mr. Bill Feeley as my Honors English teacher. Being a Southwest Philly resident, I was aware of Mr. Feeley’s deep connection to our community and his link to my family, so armed with that bond and familiarity and possessing a budding interest in American literature, I enjoyed knowing that each day would start with 42 minutes in his presence.

This amazing instructor and friend died November 14 at the age of 73, with stating that he “molded thousands of our youth during his 45-year calling as a teacher at Bishop John Neumann and then Saints Neumann and Goretti High School.” I consider myself very fortunate to have been among those impressionable teenagers and easily, upon learning of his passing, thought of a dozen moments from our classroom time that will forever resonate with me. Here’s hoping that angels will be his next set of enthralled pupils.

Joseph Myers South Philly Review Staff Writer