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Many wonderful experiences will likely lead to a fruitful life for Jessica Sargento, who, at age 7, is considering a career in medicine. While she hopes to help patients in local operating rooms, she already enjoys dissecting situations to find out what makes people so fond of certain activities. She had hours’ worth of opportunities to be inquisitive Sunday, taking in her first Mummers Parade and gladly going hoarse.

“This is so cool!” she said as parents Gabe and Victoria helped to hold her aloft as the strings bands portion of the annual celebration commenced. “I know this is all for New Year’s Day, but I think it should happen more often.”

Jessica and thousands of other revelers ventured to South Broad Street to cheer for the costumed merrymakers, with hospitable weather leading them to be especially vocal supporters. Having attended MummersFest at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on New Year’s Eve, Jessica could not wait to witness the actual extravaganza, a trait she shares with parade fixture Doug Lattimer.

“I’ve come here every year since 1982 when I moved to South Philly,” the South-of-South resident said. “Like many people, I’m upset with the alteration of the parade route, but when you see how hard everyone works to usher in the new, you can’t help but look beyond that and just be thankful that we can all gather to wish one another well.”

Lattimer did not have to trek far from his home on the 1700 block of Webster Street to partake in the pageantry, which included a wedding proposal from Andres Morales to Anne Welsh at Broad and Christian streets. While many people play favorites with regards to the event’s performers, he stated he loves “every single individual with enough gumption to rehearse tirelessly and perform for thousands of strangers.”

A tradition since 1901, the Mummers Parade has meant many things to countless observers and participants, with Sunday’s rendition making an immediate fan out of Jocelyn Evans.

“I’m here from London for a wedding,” she said of her best friend Maggie’s nuptials planned for today. “I try to keep myself aware of customs in the States since I spent a year here for a job, and she told me that I had to check out the parade. … Who doesn’t like seeing people saying bugger off to the previous year and welcoming 365 more chances at improving our lives and the lives of others?”

Evans could not hide her bias, stating that the string bands amazed her, and expressed excitement over heading to the Convention Center for the Fancy Brigade Finale.

“I keep hearing about ‘Two Street,’ too,” Evans said of the popular Pennsport-based post-parade celebration. “I might make a stop there, too, because it’s all about having a great time today, right?” SPR

Wench Brigades

  1. Oregon
  2. Saints
  3. O’Malley
  4. Riverfront
  5. Cara Liom
  6. Americans
  7. Pirates
  8. Bryson
  9. Froggy Carr

Wench Captain

  1. Jimmy Paley — Oregon

Comic Division

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi

Comic Captain

  1. Dennis Pellegrinos (Murray)
  2. Angelo Molinari (Goodtimers)
  3. Gary Bishop (Landi)

String Band Division

  1. Quaker City
  2. Fralinger
  3. South Philadelphia
  4. Woodland
  5. Ferko
  6. Hegeman
  7. Aqua
  8. Polish American
  9. Greater Kensington
  10. Uptown
  11. Durning
  12. Avalon
  13. Pennsport
  14. Duffy
  15. Greater Overbrook
  16. Broomall

String Band Captain

  1. Thomas D’Amore (Ferko)
  2. Denny Palandro (South Philadelphia)
  3. Scott Wray (Fralinger)
  4. Tom Robison (Woodland)
  5. Jeff Moyer (Greater Kensington)
  6. John P. Baron (Hegeman)
  7. Ken Maminski (Aqua)
  8. Jim Good (Quaker City)
  9. Nick Magenta (Polish American)
  10. Bill Razzano (Greater Overbrook)
  11. Joe Pomante (Durning)
  12. Charlie Nicholas (Pennsport)
  13. Jamie Caldwell (Uptown)
  14. Carmen Maniaci (Avalon)
  15. Ted Kudrick (Duffy)

Fancy Division

  • Golden Sunrise

Fancy Brigade Division

  1. South Philly Vikings
  2. Golden Crown
  3. Saturnalian
  4. Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars
  5. Satin Slippers
  6. Downtowners
  7. Spartans
  8. Jokers
  9. Avenuers
  10. 2nd Street Shooters
  11. Clevemore
  12. Purple Magic

Fancy Brigade Captain

  1. Pete D’Amato (South Philly Vikings)
  2. Bob Runowski (Golden Grown)
  3. Jack Hatty Jr. (Saturnalian)
  4. Michael Adams (Bill McIntyre’s
  5. Shooting Stars)
  6. John Bielec Jr. (Satin Slipper)
  7. Drew Averill (Spartans)
  8. Bob Fitzmaurice (Avenuers)
  9. Joey Gallagher (Jokers)
  10. Anthony Stagliano Jr. (Downtowners)
  11. Rocco Tursi (Clevemore)
  12. Richie Lind (2nd Street Shooters)
  13. Michael Orlando II (Purple Magic)

Photos by Mark E. Carosiello Sr.

Contact Staff Writer Joseph Myers at jmyers@southphillyreview.com.

Photos by Tina Garceau

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