Meaningful March


To the Editor:

As anyone knows from reading my frequent letters to the South Philly Review, I am no fan of President Donald Trump. I think he is crass, misogynistic and racist. I could not vote for him. Nor could I vote for Hillary Clinton because her platform included a plan to repeal the Hyde Amendment, permitting the government to fund abortions.

We saw the reaction of millions to Trump’s inauguration. The most visible was the Women’s March last Saturday, which featured groups that were pro-abortion. Their greatest fear is that he will de-fund Planned Parenthood, which is a main provider of abortions across the country. Unfortunately, many women who might have wanted to march for equal rights could not, because they were never born.

Now, there are plans for another march in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. It is the March for Life, held on the anniversary of Roe v Wade. The theme of the March is The Power of One. Everyone who reads this letter and cares about the lives of unborn children should spread the word. Even if you cannot attend, be aware of the power you have to change the way the world views abortion.

Gloria C. Endres

South Philadelphia