Readers’ Choice: The go-to spot

Photo by Maria Young

Lou Galdo is no stranger to the Readers’ Choice issue. If catering hall is on the ballot, there are very strong odds that Galdo’s, 1933 W. Moyamensing Ave., will receive recognition. Sure enough, for the third time in four years, Lou Galdo and his team have earned top billing in this category.

“As I have said in the past, to win any type of food award in South Philly is a huge honor,” he said. “I opened in 1999 with the goal of becoming the next Palumbo’s.”

He is of course referring to the old restaurant/entertainment facility that was located near the Italian Market. The place was destroyed in a 1994 fire.

Today, Galdo’s has become a household name and brand. A big part of the Marconi-based facility’s success is a result of having a strong management team in place. The leadership team includes assistant general manager Lou Galdo Jr., general manager Alfred Furia and executive chef Michael Oster. Galdo’s, with space to accommodate 300 to 400 guests, is a great spot for birthday parties, weddings, Christenings and funeral luncheons. Other nights, local singers and bands perform here. This month, on March 25 (7 p.m.), the place is hosting a night of ’70s Soul and Disco starring the duke and duchess of disco. Benny Marsella will be in the DJ booth.

“What we can do at Galdo’s is endless,” Galdo said.

The Swan Waterfall Caterers entertained in second while Popi’s had its share of followers in third.