Readers’ Choice: A cents-ible location

Photo by Maria Young

Her love for South Philly is so advanced that Dawn Hirsch, owing to company seniority, petitioned to enhance her managerial vocation through a transfer to PNC Bank Packer Park Branch. Granted her request to jettison an Old City post, she has spent a year cashing in on the benefits of helping people to realize their financial goals and dreams through the location, 1544 Packer Ave., this year’s top bank honoree.

“There’s such a great feel to this site,” Hirsch, also a company vice president, said of representing her employer within the Packer Park Shopping Center. “The fact that we’re extremely busy every single day is a testament to the trust that community members have in us, and that’s not something that we take lightly.”

With 4,000 accounts, including those for many thriving South Philly businesses, the branch operates under Hirsch’s assertion that banking need not be institutional, meaning that the eight employees are well-schooled in being personable.

“I’m here to help everyone grow in confidence, especially our customers, because, let’s face it, talking about money, especially investments, can be terrifying,” the manager said. “The rewards of being calm and patient with people are endless, and it’s amazing when you can watch great things happen for them.”

With two decades in the field, the Marconi East resident knows that those fears and ultimate successes require a sensible institution to address and commend them and has therefore set high standards for her peers, and their seamless ability to exceed expectations pleases her daily. With news of PNC’s designation as residents’ most revered spot, Hirsch expressed joy comparable to that of cared-for customers and looks forward to greater gains as her tenure back home unfolds.

“I’m ecstatic,” she said. “It proves that hard work pays off. We’re here solely for the public’s benefit, and it feels good to hear that they admire that we’re looking out for them every step of the way.”

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union deposited a second-place finish, with Beneficial Bank receiving interest in third.