Letter to the Editor: Clarification needed

By Gloria C. Endres

On Friday, April 7, I received a call from the Harrisburg office of state Rep. William Keller asking me to issue a clarification of a letter I submitted last week (“Against the Bill”) about House Bill 685, which would effectively shut down the distribution of the South Philly Review. Apparently, there has been a serious misreading and grave misunderstanding.

Let me make this perfectly clear: The primary sponsor of House Bill 685 is state Rep. Angel Cruz of District 180. There are also two co-sponsors — state Rep. Donna Bullock of District 195 and state Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown of District 190. The bill was introduced on March 3, 2017 and has not yet come up for a vote. There is a strong doubt that it ever will.

Keller’s office wanted me to state emphatically, that he is not only NOT a co-sponsor of Bill 685 but is also emphatically AGAINST its passage. The only reason I mentioned his name is because he is my representative, and I called his office to tell him of my objection to the bill.

If any reader wants to contact the HB 685 sponsor, state Rep. Cruz, his numbers are 215–291–5647 and 215–291–5443.

Gloria C. Endres
South Philadelphia