Moving to Wednesdays

When you open your front door on Wednesday, July 26, the South Philly Review will likely be sitting on your steps — like the mail, we are aware the time of delivery is not an exact science. Many of you will likely scratch your heads wondering what in the world is going on. Your weekly source for all things South Philly has been delivered on the same day of the week for the last 70 years. Our sister publications the Northeast Times and Philadelphia Weekly are distributed on Wednesdays, which means close to 200,000 people across the city will be getting their news on the same day, with each publication targeted to its specific audiences.

In terms of content, nothing is going to change. Regular staples such as news, Cardella, Recipe, Police Report, Sports, Lifestyles, Calendar, Around South Philly, Neighborhood Chatter and others will remain as you are accustomed to seeing every Thursday. The upside is South Philly residents will be getting the news one day earlier. If there is a crime in the neighborhood, it will be reported one day sooner. If there is a big event coming to the avenue, sports complex, Philadelphia Navy Yard or other venue, the change will add an extra day to the planning schedule.

After 70 years of the same routine, there is going to be an adjustment period. We still hear from many readers asking why we left our old comfy corner spot at 12th and Porter streets. It was a difficult change, but with several of the Newspaper Media Group publications being based in New Jersey, the move across the bridge made sense so we could all be under one roof. It has not stopped us from sharing the news and happenings from around South Philly. Like those days in South Philly, we are only a phone call (215–336–2500 ext. 121) or email ( away. If you have a story idea, send it. The sooner you send it, the better chance it has of appearing in the paper or on — one day sooner.

For today and Thursday, July 20, things will remain the same. Starting on July 26, and every Wednesday going forward, the process moves up one day.

Like the Philadelphia 76ers say, Trust The Process.

-By Bill Gelman