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2017 Staff Picks

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“9–7, third place in the NFC East. No playoffs. The NFC is a beast.”

Brian Baldinger
Football Stories

“I’ll go with 9–7. A slow start occasioned by three of the first games on the road and the lack of playing time by the first team unit during the preseason causes the Eagles to narrowly miss the playoffs.”

Tom Cardella
South Philly Review

“10–6 and be division champs.”

Perry Corsetti
Newspaper Media Group

“9–7. The Eagles make a giant leap in the right direction by earning a Wild Card spot, but they are still a year or two away from being a serious contender in the NFC race.”

Bill Gelman
South Philly Review

“8–8. In honor of Lindros’ jersey retirement. Seriously though, their schedule is brutal.”

Bill Kenny
Northeast Times

“9–7. They’ll be better, but so is the rest of the division and conference. Just miss the playoffs.”

Joe Mason
Northeast Times

“7–9. Few more pieces and they can become legit contenders.”

Tim Ronaldson
Newspaper Media Group

“9–7. Defense blows the lead in up to 4 games, with opposing teams scoring on last or late drives with field goals or touchdowns.”

Mitchell Smith
Employment Weekly

“10–6. NFC East champions. Host Wild Card Game. Lose in Divisional round to Green Bay Packers.”

Al Thompson
Football Stories

Carson Wentz should have a good year, but the running game and secondary could be the Eagles’ downfall. 8–8.

Tom Waring
Northeast Times

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