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Remember When: Buck Buck was the game to play

Photo provided by Steve Avallone

In today’s digital world, it’s highly unlikely you will walk down a South Philly street and hear someone yell the words: “Buck Buck №3 coming!”

While it may sound silly, for many South Philadelphians it triggers the old memories of the street games they played as kids.

SPR Facebook follower Diane Maimone has not forgotten about the old games.

“‘Buck Buck №1, Coming!’” And the largest guy would be our pillow (against the wall). So, he would be the third or fourth guy to jump in order for the other guys to fall down and break the hold. Whoever lasted the longest would win,” she said. “Then we would play hide the belt. We would come home tired. And, if lucky, we’d have some hot chocolate.”

Dolares Perine still remembers watching the boys play at Bonsall and Mifflin streets “a long, long time ago.”

Patty Ripoli-Marconi recalled hurting her jaw playing.

Mary Riccardi Dennis said “It wasn’t a boy girl thing, you just picked who played better.”

Speaking of memories, what old-time South Philly games do you wish were still being played today?

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