South Street’s Puyero celebrates American and Venezuelan favorites

Enjoy classic American dishes with a South American flavor.

Photo courtesy of Kory Aversa/Special to South Philly Review

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor (524 S. 4th Street) announces a special month-long menu in honor of Week De La Independencia — a celebration of American and Venezuelan Independence Days. The casual quick-serve eatery, located in the heart of South Street Headhouse District, will serve the US’s most popular July 4 foods but with a Venezuelan street twist.

The US and Venezuela each celebrate their Independence on back-to-back days. The US on July 4 and Venezuela on July . Puyero owners Gil and Simon Arends, and Manuela Villasmil, wanted to celebrate the two occasions and bring together the two cultures through their love of food. This week was the perfect start with the extended holiday — and the new menu items will remain on the menu through July 31, 2018.

Look for a special menu of burgers, shakes (Chicha), a patacon burger and more. The menu additions will be available in addition to the standard daily menu.

“For this year’s celebration we’re bringing back last year’s hits, the Venezuelan Street burger, house-favorite Patacón Burger, plus our rice-based shake Chicha, in chocolate and dulce de leche flavors,” said co-owner Simon Arends. “This time around, we’ll be also adding Pepito. A very typical Venezuelan street eat, especially in Caracas — the country’s capital. The Pepito is a baguette stuffed with grilled steak, white cheese, pico de gallo and topped with our green mayo! Kinda like the Latin cousin of the Philly cheesesteak. A lot of Venezuelans come in asking when are we going to have it? So it feels like a great addition for this celebration.”

Puyero will also debut a Philly Arepa, a cheesesteak twist on the arepa which comes with grilled steak, cheese, peppers and onions.

“What’s fun about arepas is that you can pretty much stuff them with anything you like, so making a cheesesteak arepa was a must for us,” said co-owner Manuela Villasmil.

As a little extra-extra, to go along with all of your eats, you can get some home made spicy sauce with any of your orders! So remember to ask.

This special menu will be available starting this week all the way until July 31, 2018.

“We’re always excited to introduce more Venezuelan flavors and share them with you all,” Villasmil added. So, come by to gozar!”

For special prices, visit or call (267) 928–458., for pricing information.