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Locals rummage through classic cars at East Passyunk’s car show & street festival

The festival was filled with classic cars, classic South Philly eats and opportunities for neighbors to get out and meet each other on a warm summer day.

This past Sunday, residents from South Philly and beyond attended the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District’s 13th annual East Passyunk Car Show & Street Festival, a festival filled with classic cars, South Philly eats and opportunities for neighbors to get out and meet each other on a warm summer day.

“I’m from the neighborhood,” said South Philly resident Tommy Capewell. “We planned for it and we came down.”

Capewell brought his dad to the show, and his dad brought his 1987 Foxbody Ford Mustang.

Tommy Capewell and his dad’s ’87 Mustang.

“Last year we couldn’t [make it], but we try to come out every year,” he said. “We love it.”

East Passyunk residents Brian and Jenna Ercolani also made it out to the festival.

“We live right here,” Brian said. “We love how much activity there is on this street right here. We just love interacting with the community.”

“There’s always great events on Passyunk,” said Jenna. “That’s why we love living here.”

Both Brian and Jenna have dads who are gearheads, so coming to car shows was nothing new for them.

Brian and Jenna Ercolani taking in the car show/street festival on East Passyunk Avenue.

“My dad has some classic cars so I grew up always going to shows with him,” Brian said. “I really appreciate coming out and seeing these kinds of cars and the work people put into them and the pride they take in them. And you see a lot of cars that you don’t get to see. It might be a year before I get to see one of these cars if I find a car like this again.”

“I go to car shows with my dad and we just walk around cars in a parking lot, which is nice,” Jenna said, “but this has a lot more stuff to do while at the car show, which is fun for me.”

Carolyn Zinni, who owns a bridal salon also called Carolyn Zinni, said the car show and festival have been great for business.

Carolyn Zinni runs a stand outside her bridal salon store during the car show/street festival.

“The neighborhood has had such a resurgence,” said Zinni. “It’s just been amazing. New couples who have lived together and now want to tie the knot and get married so the bridal salon has been a great thing.”

Representatives from Grassroots Advocacy for South Philadelphia were also present at the festival and registered more than 10 people to vote.

“We wanted to do at least one per hour, so we’ve definitely over achieved,” said GRASP volunteer Dana Pavlichko.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was Steve Pastella’s customized 1966 Ford Woody, which looks nothing like it did in 1966. He’s re-customized the car numerous times, but it’s currently painted black and adorned with red and yellow flames.

Steve Pastella and his 1966 Ford Woody, which looks nothing like it did when he bought in 1975.

“There’s thousands of people and most of them stopped to look at my car and take pictures of my car,” said Pastella, who bought the car in 1975 and has had it ever since. “This is my favorite show.”

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