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Cardella: Enemy of the People

Check out this quiz on the truly horrible effect a free press has had on this nation.

By: Tom Cardella

Uncle Nunzi has begun addressing me as “Enemy of the People.”

Sometimes he calls me “Enemy” for short. I’m not sure whether the President thinks me qualified as a member of his hated media, but Uncle does. I never made Richard Nixon’s infamous “enemies list,” but Frank Rizzo once complained about me to my father, if that counts for anything. In any event, I am devoting today’s column to helping you determine the truly horrible effect a free press has had on this nation.

  1. Who or what is responsible for the California wild fires that have destroyed lives and property?

A-Climate change

B-Jim Acosta of CNN

C-Who cares because you hate California

D-Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

2. Whose policy of “zero tolerance” caused children to be separated from their families and placed in detention centers?

A-The “children” themselves.

They are actually actors hired by opponents of the White House

B-Jim Acosta

C-Attorney General Jeff Sessions

D-Barack Obama in his role as the Anti-Christ

3. Who selected the evil Robert Mueller as Special Counsel?

A-Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein who actually was appointed by Donald J. Trump himself

B-Jim Acosta

C-the Deep State

D-Did I mention that Rosenstein was appointed by Trump?

4. Who hired Michael Cohen to pay off porn stars who claimed to have had sex with Trump?


B-Jim Acosta

C-Could have been others. Who knows?

D-Didn’t Cohen once work for the Clintons?

5. Who arranged a meeting at Trump Tower with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary and then lied about it?

A-Don, Jr.

B-Trump, Sr. and Don, Jr.

C-At least Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, and Barron weren’t involved. Were they?

D-Jim Acosta

6. Who is trying to undermine our NATO allies?

A-Jim Acosta

B-Trump, because the Allies aren’t paying their fair share


D-Putin and Trump, also known as “Big Dog” and his “poodle.”

7. Who rigged the 2016 presidential election?

A-Theresa May

B-Jim Acosta

C-James Comey

D-Wait, since Trump won with FEWER popular votes, that election wasn’t rigged. Or was it?

8. Who started a trade war with China?

A-Trump — because he was overcharged for a shrimp egg roll in a Chinese eatery in Manhattan

B-Angela Merkle

C-Jim Acosta

D-The “failing” NY Times.

9. Who started a trade war with Canada?

A-Putin — because he lost all his good Russian players to the National Hockey League

B-Trump — because he hates Canadian bacon (it isn’t bacon, says the President)

C-Jim Acosta

D-Who knows, but I’m kneeling when they play the Canadian National Anthem from now on at hockey games.

10. Who declared that some of the Nazis fomenting violence in Charlottesville last year were “good people?

A-David Duke, who knows “good people” when sees them

B-Trump, who knows that the definition of “good people” depends on whether they voted for him

C-Jim Acosta

D-Joseph Goebbels, who knew the truth was what a dictator claimed it to be

11. Who claimed that he had evidence that Barack Obama is not an American citizen?

A-Michelle Obama — she should know

B-Trump — who knows evidence when he sees it

C-Scully and Mulder — “because the truth is out there”

D-Jim Acosta — he gets around, doesn’t he?

12.Who is a man of the people and not one of the “elites?”

A-Trump — his Ivy League degree and digs in Mar-a-La-go just bring him closer to the people

B-It’s certainly not Cardella whose palatial mansion is disguised as a row home in South Philly. Maybe it’s Jim Acosta?

C-Scott Pruitt, who was driven from his job as head of the EPA because his expense accounts were too meager to satisfy Trump

D-American CEOs, who humbly accept their multi-million dollar salaries even when business is not so good.

13. Whose face-to-face summit with Kim of North Korea failed to stop that regime from continuing to develop nuclear weapons?

A-Mayor Jim Kenney (South Philly answer only)

B-Trump — he was so successful, he wants another summit. Maybe Trump likes the kimchee?

C-Barack Obama (Republican fall back position)

D-Jim Acosta

14. Whose face-to-face summit with Vladimir Putin resulted in a two-hour and ten-minute meeting of which no one knows the result?

A-Shepard Smith — he’s on FOX NEWS, but criticizes our president to the point where he’s suspect of being part of “The Deep State” conspiracy. Could’ve been Jim Acosta.

B- Trump — he also wants another summit with Putin because he likes the blinis and sour cream Vlad served

C-Sarah Huckabee Sanders — whose victimhood brings tears to my eyes

D-Steve Bannon — the real brain behind Trump. Don’t be fooled by his failure to get regular haircuts (he’s constantly breaking appointments at LITTLE VIC’s).

15.Whose responsible for calling the NFL players who kneel when the National Anthem is played “SOBs?”

A-Trump. Despite his multiple deferments, the President passionately believes in honoring our country

B-Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, whose constant worrying over what the President thinks of his league has caused frown lines on his forehead

C-Jim Acosta, but in all fairness to Jim, some say it was Don Lemon egged on by LeBron James.

D-Jerry Jones. After all, the Cowboys are AMERICA’S TEAM. Or maybe it’s Trump’s team?

(Correct answers — 1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-B, 5-D, 6-A, 7-B, 8-C, 9-C, 10-C, 11-D, 12-B, 13-D, 14-A, 15-C — If you guessed “Jim Acosta,” you scored 100 percent, according to the White House)

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